Professional hacksaw frames

Find below more information about our “professional “range of hacksaw frames.
A large choice of possibilities to make sawing a real pleasure.

A few tips from the professional

For an optimal use of your tools

  • Saw while pushing
  • Tilt the blade about 15° from the piece
  • Saw slowly while pressing and release pressure
    during the return stroke
  • For a longer life of your hacksaw frame,
    release the blade tension when unused.

You can use this range of “professional” hand tools for a frequent use. It helps working thanks to a quicker and easier blade fitting.


Ref. 12T / 12TB


  • Handle: unvarnished beech
  • Frame: Ref.12T : flat iron 20×5 />
    Ref.12TB : flat iron 20×6
  • Blade tension : 110 daN
  • Tension square fixture : 10×10 for better guidance
  • Blade positions : vertical and horizontal
  • PEFC wood (Made in Jura, France).
    Perspiration absorption and easier to hold and use

Ref. 28T


  • Handle : Plastic
  • Frame Flat iron 20×5
  • Blade tension 80 daN
  • Square tension fixture with pin that can not fall out
  • 2 blade positions : vertical and horizontal

Ref. 23TXARA


  • Handle: metallic
  • Frame: Chrome-plated tube,
    large section 18×12, thickness 1.5
  • Blade tension: 80 daN
  • Spare blade storage within the framereserve
  • Screw for the tube fixing for a greater rigidity
  • Vertical and flush cutting