Super Professionnal hacksaw frames

Through a wide choice of possibilities, discover our “super professional” range. Our designs are registered and our system patented. Here are our products and their detailed characteristics.

A few tips from the professional

For an optimal use of your equipment:

  • Saw while pushing
  • Tilt the blade about 15° from the piece
  • Saw slowly while pressing and release pressure
    during the return stroke
  • For a longer life of your hacksaw frame,
    release the blade tension when unused.

This range of « super professional » hand tools is aimed at detailed and quality product lovers. Tools are easily used thanks to a fitting blade system free from screw and an easiest way to adjust the blade tension (patented system).


Ref. 23TD ARA


  • Handle: metallic
  • Frame: tube 18×12, thickness 1.5
  • Blade tension: 80 daN
  • Tension thanks to a lever for a simple and quick blade changetension
  • Vertical and flush cutting
  • Spare blades storage within the framereserve

Ref. 40T

      Characteristics :

  • Tri-material metallic frame coated with a shock-proof resin and handle covered with elastomer
  • Blade tension 100 daN
  • Handle with elastomer
  • High rigidity of the saw thanks to its metallic frame, insuring a clean and precise cut
  • Ergonomic grip. Comfort ++ Confort ++
  • Special blade tensioning lever
  • Preadjustement of tension using integrated wheel
  • 2 blade positions